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Cortinovis Sictra and Trafco head to Moscow

Russia is a strategic market for Cortinovis Sictra and Trafco.


Sictra drawing lines for copper rod, aluminium and alloys rods as well as multiwire lines for flexible conductors, cable screening and automotive wires are installed. Cortinovis sold and installed tubular stranders for aluminium, overhead conductors, buried optical cable armouring as well as special “Tubularskip” lines for OPGW cables.


Rigid stranders for low medium and HV cables as well as for MV screening have also been widely supplied. Drum twisterd for laying up and armouring any kind of cables from LV up to Milliken HV are also used by Russian companies. Planetary stranders and the unique “Conotorsion” lines for control cables are also in use heavily throughout the country.


All of this makes of Cortinovis Sictra the appropriate partner for any company investing in cable and wire machinery or steel ropes. For the limited budget customers there is also a wide selection of refurbished second hand equipment for sale from Trafco.


With extensive knowledge of the entire cable process, Cortinovis Sictra can support clients from the copper or aluminium rod drawing down stream to the stranding, laying up and armouring of the cable.


Customers, old and new, are invited to the company’s stand FOD55 at the exhibition where CEO Laura Loturco, general manager Andrea Camparada and technical manager Diego Pagliarello will be available.



Steel alert for welding trades

The UK certification authority for reinforcing steels is to investigate quantities of boron in imported Chinese rebar after warnings from the trade association, UK Steel.


UK Steel is suggesting that Chinese data indicates that its exported rebar contains small amounts of other elements to qualify the steel as an alloy, and so benefit from an export tax rebate. It said a “significant but unknown proportion” of Chinese rebar sold in the UK contains boron in excess of 8 parts per million and that samples had been tested with boron at 30 parts per million.



Foerster takeover of NDT Systems

FOERSTER has expanded into new business sectors after completing the takeover of NDT Systems GmbH.


The company completed the deal and the continuation of all business operations after both companies signed the agreement at the end of August.


Foerster, based in Reutlingen, Germany, is a medium-sized company in the field of non-destructive testing of materials. It has been active in the development, production and sale of equipment for testing bars, tubes and wires for more than 60 years.


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