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Steel anomalies in nuclear plant

The Flamanville 3 EPR nuclear plant, under construction in France, is to undergo tests following the detection of anomalies in the steel in parts of the reactor pressure vessel.

AREVA and EDF discovered the anomalies in late 2014, after chemical and mechanical tests were performed on a model of the reactor vessel head and bottom. The French nuclear safety authority (ASN) was informed in April that the tests revealed “the presence of a zone in which there was a high carbon concentration, leading to lower than expected mechanical toughness values.”



Subsea seminar

The international cable protection committee (ICPC) and the international seabed authority (ISA) held a joint seminar in March to discuss submarine cables and deep seabed mining, “Advancing common interest and addressing UNCLOS due regard obligations.”

The focus of the initial meeting was to exchange information between the ISA and ICPC in relation to the practical facets of fulfilling the ‘due regard’ provisions of the United Nations convention on the law of the sea (UNCLOS) as they relate to subsea cable and mining activities.



XLPE cable spread

An extension of Shanghai’s state power grid will be supported by a new 500kV XLPE cable system from Nexans. The contract was awarded by the Shanghai municipality electric power company (SMEPC) of state grid corporation of China (SGCC). Nexans will supply 45km of XLPE cables and required accessories as part of the contract.


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